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cost of travel could keep people at home. good evening to. >> you. >> more than 2 million people in illinois traveling for the long holiday weekend according to aaa and while air travel is actually up 27% from last year car travel is down because of high fast prices. a half mike
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patterson usually drives his car to michigan for the fourth of july but this year he is taking his motorcycle. gas prices have dropped recently but in illinois we are still paying $1 more than last year, aaa says nearly 2000 people are hitting the road to long holiday weekend up 3% from 2010 and despite that earlier tonight craftstraffic gridlock. for those staying in town for the weekend fewer options for fireworks in the city and the suburbs, chicago canceled its annual show to cut costs leaving the fireworks to navy pier. the pier officials say they are prepared. and we talked to the emergency room doctor at
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the university of chicago hospitals who is warning everyone to it really stay away from fireworks she also says drinking and setting off fireworks is a dangerous combination. remember fireworks are illegal in the city of chicago. >> if you do not want to fight the crowds in joy the fourth from your couch with us, chicago summer blast kicks off on wgn monday night. the fireworks show with reports at navy pier. >> steve's targeting air- conditioning units for their copper wires, strike yet again but this time the victims are more than 100 homeless animals. >> it happened overnight in an animal shelter on the south side, it has been around for decades and it was operated by
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the animal welfare league, they have scrambled to find other shelters to take care of that pads and until the air- conditioning is fixed they cannot take any more animals in. these homeless animals do not have a great quality of life to begin with, they live in cages and can only go one surprise today but during these hot summer months at least they're not too hot that is until this morning when the staff showed up forxx work they found the air- conditioning units on the roof gone, or broken. the thieves ripped out the other to to get to the copper wiring. and i'm angry that we have been serving the community for 75 years and this is how we are paid back. the money that we have to utilize to repair this could be going to the animals directly into makes me angry. among the facilities manager fought back tears as she described the situation. the staff rod and
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fans to try to keep the animals cool for the time being now the staff is trying to find other shelters to take the animals while they figure out how to get their conditioning back on. >> i would love it if there are any shelters that could call to see if they can get their dogs into the program and otherwise we're just trying to the send a fund is so weakened by new air- conditioner. >> the cats and dogs and rabbits should be ok for the next few days but they're concerned about the long term. this facility is a halfway house for the animals it is not open to the public. animals that cannot find public shelter have to euthanize. they need money donations more than anything. wickets to be at 100 degrees it is going to be stifling back there. >> replacing the broken air conditioners will cost about $20,000 and the league relies solely on private funding receives no government aid
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whatsoever. if you would like to help them go to their web site animal welfare league. >> chicago father caught in an international custody fight, his plea to a foreign government to help him get his child back. >> we may not be done with the storms just yet tom skilling in the weather center. >> we missed out on heat today it was not far away and some of that will come in tomorrow and the storms you mentioned are out in minnesota is they could be here later tomorrow in parts of our area and then of gorgeous sunday july 4th the full holiday weekend forecast is coming up.
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3d white two hour express whitestrips...from crest. life opens up when you do. and try 3d white toothpaste and rinse. s it wasn't quite the start to holiday yet that many people envisioned, whether wreaking havoc and today the cleanup. >> the storm did damage from the wisconsin state line all the way into the heart of chicago so unfortunately instead of barbecues this weekend lots of people thousands are going to be dealing with messes like
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this one. and waukegan where the winds@t were tracked at 94 mi. per hour, trees were toppled and tossed. at thea massive trade clipped our roof. the sirens did not go off until after they heard the thud of the tree and they all ran to the basement for cover. the dude with similar enormous suburban zion. the damage was similar in the north suburban eye on. it brought pummelling rain,
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lightning and a golf ball sized hail. it was enough to break the glass in 12 houses forcing it to close indefinitely. >> broken glass from the hail, glass everywhere, we are devastated. >> at the grand auto glass this worker tried to add fix though wind chills and broken by last night's sale. windshields' broken by last night's hale. the way to get in was 4 hours. the way to to get it was four hours.though wait to get in it
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was four hours. i'm. >> these pictures look like they have been retouched but they are real. they are very foreboding. the crash in chaos during rush hour, a runaway car hit two pedestrians and two other cars on busy michigan avenue on lake st., a red car with southbound in the northbound lane and she struck to women and then injured pedestrians were hospitalized, one in fair condition and the other one serious to critical, the elderly driver was also hospitalized your >> mayor emanuel shapedshaved $20
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million off of the deficit budget. >> if we make the work place reforms will save workers' jobs, i am not interested in laying off, it is a choice we have to make. collectively. >> the budget gap as a result of emmanuel's decision to stop forcing a united city workers to take 24 days off on paid. he outlined two ways to save the 20 million, first he will fill job openings in the community health care clinic will have a partnership with federally qualified ones. they're responding with this statement open "loophole ""
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friends and family members at the services and kankakee, laura lee was though wife of former gov. who is allowed to leave his federal jail cell and be at his wife's side during her passing after a long bout with cancer. other services for law orlando was 76 were held privately. >> a new twist in a sexual assault case around the world strauss, has been set free in new york, today a judge released him from house arrest with questions about his accusers' credibility, prosecutors say the hotel maid who claims he tried to rape her lied about the circumstances, he is not off the hook just yet dna evidence shows that the two had some sexual contact but charges are pending further investigation.
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the new droid incredible 2. i could use a smartphone with social apps to stay up on what my friends are doing. and it's global, so i'll know what they're doing while they're doing it even when i travel. i'll have to act surprised when they tell me stuff. i don't have a good surprised face. maybe i can look up videos of surprised people on my new phone for reference. yep, i really want that phone. upgrade to the new droid incredible 2 by htc with global capabilities for only $149.99. now on america's largest, most reliable high-speed network. verizon. a local that is in the fight of his life trying to get his five year-old daughter back. he has been depleting the government to help him but so far he is getting nowhere.
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he has been pleading with the government to help him but so far is getting nowhere. he wins the 2016 olympics, cheers in brazil but disappointment in chicago and for one young man a reminder that his daughter is a world away. >> have you talked to her or anything? >> no. nothing. i don't wish it looks like, i don't even know if she knows who i empiric >> the 25 year-old knows his daughter is in brazil but that is about it, annalee who is now almost six was two when her mother hopped on a plane in disappeared. >> she said she was frustrated with the court systems and that she was illegal. >> michael filed paperwork to travel to brazil but nothing he spent thousands and legal help
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courts stepped in granting him custody of his daughter but still no sign of her. >> a court order saying that there was an attachment out for her. the court here cannot do anything obviously in another country. >> brazil with all of its beauty and speeches is also one of the toughest countries to deal with when it comes to child adoption cases, right now there are about 45 cases from the u.s.. remember that media frenzy over the golden story in 2009 to mark that as a father tried to get his son back from brazil. fokkermichael is very much in the same situation.
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>> it is appalling that this is happening. there's no way to force her to come back here. >> giving a standard answer his says that it is trying but it is not easy. >> the state department has been working with the government of brazil by latterly to improve case processing. >> and that may take some time so for now michael is persistent but waits wondering when he will see his daughter again. >> i do not know and that is where relief frustrates me and every other parent that has to deal with this, is the waiting every day the issue is another day you are losing your child appeared >> he traveled to brazil last year and spoke with his daughter's mother and is confident that she is doing okay and there has been some movement in the case, brazilian authorities have issued a
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mediation date of august 15th for him in the child's mother, he will have to travel to brazil not clear if that will resolve the problem but it will definitely start to. he has started 0 web page you could go to our web site and we will lend you. >> chicago tribune at notre dame relenting after a federal investigation into how the school response to sexual assaults on campus. and as the university revising school policies. >> the rise and fall of rod blagojevich's, he is not the first illinois mayor gone bad. tribune reporters take another look at the complexities and contradictions of the state's 40 as governor. >> an ironic twist to a
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patriotic fireworks' charlotte it can trigger more flashbacks in veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder, even worse than the big shows of the random fireworks that can sound like small arms fire. >> is like running in space except your here on earth an anti gravity treadmill to help speed up recovery.
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first lucky number. sasquatch. sasqwash? i hope to
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turn to the holiday weekend safely in celebration. first lucky number: fix ur sweater wishing you the best of luck.
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good luck and a new treadmill simulates space and is helping those with pain and injuries brand towards recovery. sprint towards recovery. his balances back and his ankle is stronger. a soccer player from
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the time he was a young boy athleticism came naturally and injury frequently until one day his ankle gave out. a badly bruised bone damage cartilage and required to surgeries a bone marrow and cartilage transplant and now works to get back after being down for a year this machine is giving him a lift, the anti gravity treadmill. >> it was born at of nascent technology. basically the premise is to reduce gravity but at the same time allow a good workout. >> first you put on running shorts but ultimately this is the machine. turn on the power and air fills the cavity, soon to lifting users off the ground with as much body weight release
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as necessary. >> i started out at 25%. >> you rana like he was on solid ground but despite feeling well as the body is still working at full load roebuck capacity. >> you can dial in the elimination or decrease of gravity so your stimulating healing but you get a workout at the same time. >> it makes you feel light. ultimately the anti gravity effect speeds healing for ankle knees head and back injury. hip and back injuries. it is great for athletes who want to go the
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distance without injuring their joints. rehab centers like the midwest orthopedic offer use of the treadmill but their parentsbut the price is $24,000. the consumers will not benefit just yet. >> tom skilling is up next with the holiday weekend forecasted it is looking pretty good across the july fireworks.
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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] something unexpected to the world of multigrain...
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taste. ♪ ♪ delicious pringles multigrain. with a variety of flavors, multigrain pops with pringles. it started off all little shaky but it did it 90's in some areas. but about what it davis was, we had these incredible storms that hit india in our eastern shoreline. we had up to 800 strokes every 10 minutes from evanston thomas shot the stormy lake pictures
9:31 pm
amazing cumulus clouds. going through waukegan north harbor is captured by cafe. it looks like a real item. and would get this shot from jessica and steve. this is kind of money shot, this is the thunderstorm as it looked to national weather service with 75 mi. per hour winds. you can see the hill shaft it towered to 50,000 ft. and it was responsible for a fatality. look at these clubs, there is something serve real about this today but this is the project of turbulence and you can see the outgoing wins of turbulence coming back, but look at the waves that these 60 mi. per hour
9:32 pm
wind gust produced. they pushed the 90 degree heat away from the city and spare us what was an impressively high day in many parts of the midwest these storms would not have formed if it were not for this intense dome of a year. the next batch already forming and they have done damage in parts of minnesota, here is the corridor that was so hard hit by ran from lake county, the bullet was read over reporter county, these totals of chesterton our liking getting a month's worth of rain in two days, so that is amazing what went on across our northern suburbs. at the expense of the next one that is being fueled by a blistering heat out
9:33 pm
to the west of us that will look at the powerful appearance of these storms and the way they're stacked up on our three- dimensional radar from i walk into minnesota and north west dakota these things have 70 mi. per hour winds and there knocking down trees. so if youlook how close the 90's came today despite the cool start, once the sun came up james mill rockford even made it up to 90 today. in hebron was in the '70s today. tonight it is getting muggy
9:34 pm
again but nothing compared to what is going on in peoria and alvin devonport. theseout in davenport. here is storm like iowa or the high today was 97 degrees. these are wisconsin temperatures today. it shows you the ones where talking about was not a pipe dream we will get a taste of its smallest 93. its and tomorrow off with 93. temperatures will begin to drop
9:35 pm
off you can see how the jet turnsole little more westerly and northwesterly so by sunday way onto import 0 lower heiress mass com it will get more humid again by the middle of next week. tonight it will be more human as the night goes on. and may have felt that when the last couple of nights. with so many thunderstorms. these will affect about 30 percent of the area. and a high of 93 so somebody may have weather watch. mostly sunny and cooler and less humid on sunday. monday night looks equally good. see you a list of
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the seven day in a bid. >> a rich message with music. who delights in the company of the yarn. who delights in the company of the yana.
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and for more than 50 years she has been entertaining children with horroroccurred unique style of music. >> one of chicago's shows shows no signs of stopping. and she calls them her favorite people in the world. >> children are your favorite people they asked me. and i tell them children are so genuine when they smile they manage. she is called the first lady of children's music this 86 year- old folk singer has been making music for 50 years. music for
9:40 pm
me one night here i am ready to a snap my fingers or a tap on my knees. born in chicago south side she learned how to play her signature instrument. from there should develop a style like no other singer, often using different rhythms rhymes and a chance to entertain. the call and response technique is one of her favorites. she spontaneously decided to do it with me. >> i want to do with you.
9:41 pm
she is turned numerous awards including a lifetime achievement award at the grammys. she spent many years entertaining during the racially charged '50s and '60s thealthough she experienced a first hand bush will not talk about even when i asked her about it. her a hesitancy to mention their
9:42 pm
racial discrimination she may have experienced over the years does not surprise her attorney and longtime friend linda mensch. >> it is certainly an issue with the music industry generally that black artists are not paid as well as white artists. her focus is so dedicated to children and children's music that the issue of pay, the way she gets paid is through the heart. famishes working on a documentary based on her life. >> in my view and the view of the folks i am working with to produce a documentary about her, we see her and we do not see herself in this way but we see her as a real leader in the civil rights movement and on some later so to speak and i think the way she teaches will be part of her legacy peter. >> her lawyer didsaid that the
9:43 pm
company has been using her music for years. and they have since reconciled the issue and she will serve as the grand marshal of a parade in august. >> looking good for the fireworks and navy pier, tom skilling is back with of the seven day. the seven day. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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you have the chicago tribune's photos of the day. was the glass roof over the consort of tory rule has shattered. conservatory room has shattered. >> it was a little bit windy and the afternoon and by age 15 if it went crazy the branches and leaves were flying everywhere, i heard this horrible boom and that was the one on the porch.
9:47 pm
home more photos on our web site and at chicago >> not the best start to the holiday weekend. >> if only his microphone would get better, let's fix that up. keep your friends' clothes and your enemies closer, the black hawks had a busy day today. >> and another cubs starting
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pitcher hits the disabled listpñúxbxpl@?
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and you practiced with her. >> i did. after losing to other three on the south side the cubs were hoping to turn the tables on the white sox this week and there wrigley field. there seem to be good reason to think this weekend might be different but as it turned out the socks had big plans of their own to kick off the holiday weekend all warm and windy day and a jam packed crowd at wrigley they had a 3-2 lead in the sixth when ramirez gets a hold of one. the 300th home run of his career with six in eight games 42 cubs, but not for long. to tie the game 4-4. one pierre who sense this drive into the right- field corner, alex rios will score adam done comes around
9:52 pm
they improved 3-1 against the cubs in for the second day in a row one pierre has the game- winning hit. this one was on me as far as i'm concerned, he was wrong and when they came got tight and given the bullpen situation i backed off and really try to push him through it that wasn't very favorable. >> general manager stan did not
9:53 pm
stop there, signing dan cars solo who played against the hawks in the stanley cup finals one year ago he racked up 120,000 penalty minutes in 57 games last season. >> kristol is the player that is intriguing a lot of ways because he certainly has a lot of
9:54 pm
personality. i think he brings a lot of that edge to the game but he is a good hockey player as well i think he can get lost in the shuffle of the fact that he does stir up quite a bit but we actually like that about his game. semis at wimbledon. a thigh injury suffered in his last match. he won his 20 as straight match at wimbledon and his opponent and the new world number one with points like that finally he closes it out and moved up to #one whether or not he beats him on sunday. a couple of hike details of notes, returning from russia to
9:55 pm
the nhl and they added another ex talk. hawks. as of today the big 10 conference as a brand new number and he officially became the toth number of the big 10 leaving the 12th which now has 10 members. >> we got a little bit of everything today but tomorrow will be warm and there could be some thunderstorms. here are the high temperatures today. look at current ratings, they are not going to fall very far tonight
9:56 pm
and to the humidity is going up at the same time. the winds blowing from the southwest and imports some of that humidity, we are 11 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. do point increase in up to 65, it will be up to 70 tomorrow. hyatt mold spores in high grass pollen and wheat pollen is moderate. that is gorgeous weather that takes over on sunday and the fourth on monday so that will be great for the fireworks. a few thunderstorms are back late sunday and monday. you turn the
9:57 pm
when south and you are back in tropical area. >> that is the news for this friday night. >> updates on wgn
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